Publications & Other Public Outputs


THOMPSON, P. & PENGELLY, J. 2013. Walking in the Garden of Forking Paths – examining notions of ‘post-physical’ printmaking in digital space. . IMPACT 8. Dundee Scotland.

Pengelly, J. and Thompson, P. (2012) “Social Networking and Affinity Spaces – The Virtual Atelier” Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, No: ART2012-0076.

Thompson, P., [Curator] (2011). Born digital – new materialities: a survey mini-print exchange of contemporary digitally mediated printmaking digital portfolio [online].

Thompson, P (2010) “The Digital Matrix and The Paperless Print” (Paper) IMPACT6 Proceedings. Impact Press

FADE. 2008. The Personalised Surface in Fine Art Digital Printmaking Case Study : Paul Thompson [Online]. London: University of the Arts London / AHRC. Available: [Accessed 14 January 2008.

Thompson, P. “Northern Shore” – Collagraph in “Multiple Surfaces” (2006) Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop

Follow this link to to download papers

Conference Presentations and Public Lectures

Main Panel Presenter Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference, Dundee 28th Aug – 1st Sept 2013
Public Lecture Edinburgh Printmakers The Internet, Social Networking and Affinity Spaces – A Virtual Print Atelier 28th March 2013
Paper presentation 3rd Annual International Conference Visual and Performing Arts
4th – 7th June 2012, Athens, Greece
Public Lecture University of Stirling, Born digital – the Creative Space in the Digital Age 31st March 2011
Main Panel Presenter IMPACT6 Print Conference, Bristol, UK September 16th -19th 2009

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