Artist’s Statement


Artist’s Statement Dr Paul Thompson PhD

My work is formed through practice-based research and is placed within the context of post-physical printmaking and the transferred image. I have developed my digital practice from traditional methods of painting, printmaking and the multiple, through contextual study and practice led research. My work has evolved around the externalisation of constructs formed through walking and mapping using the concepts of manipulating the real, and shifting between past, present, memory and reality. I am at the nucleus of a personal artistic construct, founded upon mixing and remixing, which is generative rather than merely responsive to my environment.
My current work is based upon experiential journeys and interventions, generated through mix and re-mix from the stimuli of the digital landscape. My work promotes the percipient’s engagement of the artist’s experience through passive and proactive engagements – inviting the percipient to join the experience. Within my practice I adopt a hybrid approach of input and output mix and remix through digital mediation in examination of the boundaries of the physical and temporal.
The digital product and process provides a cornerstone in my practice both contextually and practically. Within this practice and process the surface plays a critical part in the construct, going beyond merely a support or ground either digital or physical. Through layering, transparency, mix and remix the quality of the surface is intended to interact with each and all layers within the construct.


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